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Why buy this apartment ?

This is the perfect choice if:

- you plan to work a few years in Paris or you must come often to Paris for work.
- you (or your child) need to study in Paris, at the Sorbonne, the Alliance française, Sciences-Po, or in any top ranked school, high-school or university around.
- you want to make a profitable investment in a major tourist city.
- you are just looking for a nice pied-a-terre in a lively and very sought-after district to enjoy the Parisian way of life.

No useless expenses and an attractive price

There is no expensive real estate agent involved in this sale; my French "notaire" (lawyer and public officer under oath) will directly prepare the sale contract as required by the law in France. The price for the apartment (27 sqm) is:

€ 319,900

You can check the real transaction prices for housing in Paris for the 4th trimester of 2016 here and you will find serious estimates refined by street there . Look for the 6th district, Odéon area.

This property has been in our family for several decades, first my father and then myself lived there for a while happily. Please notice the apartment will be delivered with the furniture and the equipment such as presented, ready for use, at the price above.



If you are interested in visiting or you need more information, please send me an email at:

Housing prices in Paris / 6th district
Odéon area (€ per sqm)

(source: "notaires" of Paris, real sales 4th trimester 2016)

Other districts see here


Currencies € / $ 2008-2017

And if you are using USD (US $), you must know it is an excellent time to buy in the EEC since the Euro is at a 9 years low (see below). It is about 30 % off compared to 2008 !

Vacation rental - studio Paris Odéon Saint-Germain - see availability planning at listing #6460012